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"We have enough people who tell it like it is. We could use a few who tell it like it could be"

+ Robert Orben


Are You HeART Driven?

HeART Driven is for artists and others  who feel a calling to co-create a new world.  Creative energy is a powerful manifesting force and artists and other creative individuals can become powerful co-creators of this world. 


Through the HeART Driven workshops and retreats, artists and non artists alike learn how to connect to the infinite creative spark within their heart and cultivate this light in order begin to co-create inspired ideas and work for a new world.



About Yesenia

Yesenia is a Life Coach, Master Light Healer, and mother. If she had a personal motto it would be “Love Yourself, Love Others”. Her spiritual practice of opening her heart to receive the Creator’s love and sharing it with others creates the foundation of her coaching, healing and meditation work. By focusing on the Divine spark and the Creators love within all of her clients she is able to help them create powerful, positive, loving changes in their lives.

HeART Driven

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