Word + Spirit was a beautiful success.  Since the workshop, we have received incredible feed back of breakthroughs for many of the artists who participated.  For me as a teacher it was an incredible experience to facilite the heart healing and opening of the creative people present so they can move forward in their artistic endeavors with courage, inspiration and love.  I'll be scheduling more workshops soon.  If you would be interested in having it near you,  email me and we can see what magic can make happen!  Loads of love - Yesenia

Word + Spirit

Fusing  the healing modalities of light work and creative writing, this artistic and spiritual laboratory activates clarity, heart-connection and inner-freedom to bring forth new perspective and creative offerings.  Veteran Writer/Director/Educator Jesse Bliss and Master Light worker Yesenia Cardona unite forces to facilitate this unique and powerful day.


Los Angeles


When:  Saturday, June 20, 2015 , 1:00-6:00pm

Location: Avenue 50 Studio, 131 North Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $99

For more information contact: therootsandwingsproject@gmail.com




Morning Session: 

Led by Yesenia, this segment is designed to give the artists an introduction to anchoring their energy in the sanctuary of their heart and cultivating their creativity from there. Throughout time artists have been powerful co-creators and visionaries in the world. In the 20th century many artists have focused on reflecting injustices and shortcomings of the world. To create a better future you must first be able to imagine it and cultivate the loving world you want to see inside of yourself.  In this workshop you will recieve a mini attunement that enables you to radiate the light of pure love to bring light and balance to your Chakras.  You learn to connect and cultivate this light in order begin to co-create inspired ideas for a new world.


Afternoon Session:

Jesse Bliss, believes in the power of the past and magic of the future to ignite the present. She uses writing as a tool to guide participants to their inner truth. Exercises are custom designed to allow a deep journey into the heart , igniting contact with dreams and creative projects wanting to come to fruition. Obstacles will be worked through, creating space for powerful new possibilities. We will focus on all that surfaces, creating a physical map of ideas, messages, and images. The new work that emerges will bring an exciting new vision and clarity of execution.