What's this Yesenia about?


Yesenia Cardona is a gifted Paramita Path healer, teacher and mother. Paramita Path is a heart based healing modality, created with the intention of helping people evolve spiritually. Yesenia has had a deep love and respect for artists and the creative process throughout her life. She has supported emerging artists over the years by being involved in different organizations such as MACLA in San Jose, Galleria de la Raza in SF, and Exit Art in New York. One of her earliest memories is making a ladder out of a chair and boxes in her parents closet in order to push two art books off the shelf that were too heavy for her to pick up. She would sit for hours looking through a book on Siqueiros murals and an anthology of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Art. Art has always been a huge source of inspiration. The HeART Driven program combines her Paramita Path healing practice with her love for art and allows her to continue supporting artists in a new and profound way. Through the HeART Driven workshops and retreats, artists learn how to connect to the infinite creative spark within their heart and cultivate this light in order begin to co-create inspired ideas for a new world.