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HeART Driven retreats are designed to give you - the artist or creative individual - an opportunity to connect with the Divine light that exists within you and all around you. During the workshop you will receive powerful attunements that allow you to access and use the Light to open your energy channels and awaken to the Creator's presence within.  You are guided to your spiritual heart so you can realize your true purpose as a creative being.  HeART Driven workshops include unique attunements and a practice that assist you in attaining spiritual enlightenment by allowing you to heal and anchor your creative energy from the sanctuary of your heart. . Once attuned to the Light, you can use this powerful source to increase your vibration and your connection to elevated inspiration.  With an open heart and full consciousness of the Creator's presence, you reach a state of unconditional love and compassion that helps you produce work from a loving inspired place.


In addition to the 2 days of light work training, retreats will include 2-3 days to create.


I am looking for a location to hold a 5 day retreat that would be appropriate for artists in a variety of disciplines to produce work while they participate.  If you know of such a place, or you would like to host a HeART Driven retreat, please let me know!  My intention is to be able to hold this in the Fall.


+ Yesenia

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