Love Yourself Challenge

Guided Meditations

These guided meditations are an important part of the process to heal and expand your heart so you can have a greater of experience of love within yourself.  The mediations are short and guided. No previous experience needed!  If you find your mind drifting, just bring it back to the meditation.  No Judging yourself!



  • Find a quiet space where you won't be interrupted (be creative if you have to i.e bathroom, sitting in your car)

  • Have the intention to be in your heart while you listen to the meditations.

  • Listen to them as often as you'd like, for best results listen to them daily.

  • Don't worry about "doing it right", just follow allong and if your mind wanders just bring your awareness back to the recording.

  • Sitting cross legged is not mandatory!  You can sit in a chair, or lie down.  The important thing is that you are comfortable but not so comfortable that you fall asleep.

Week two meditations

forgiveness mediation
Recorded by Paramita Path
sphere of sunshine meditation
Recorded by Paramita Path
Week two Video

Week One meditations

Meditation to Heal Your Heart
Recorded by Paramita Path
Meditation to Dissolve Dense Thoughts and Emotions
Recorded by Paramita Path
Dissolve Dense Thoughts and Emotions - Paramita Path
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Week One Video

Love these meditations?

There's more where these come from!  Please visit the Paramita Path sound cloud channel below for more meditations that will help heal you and elevate your vibration.